\\ˈ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷\ adjective
: having a sharp tongue : harsh or bitter of speech

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/shahrp"tungd"/, adj.
characterized by or given to harshness, bitterness, or sarcasm in speech.

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sharp-tonguedˈ adjective
Critical, sarcastic, harsh in speech
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Main Entry:sharp

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sharp-tongued UK [ˌʃɑː(r)p ˈtʌŋd] US [ˌʃɑrp ˈtʌŋd] adjective
tending to criticize people or to speak to them in a cruel or angry way
Thesaurus: cruel and unkindsynonym

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sharp-tongued «SHAHRP TUHNGD», adjective.
sharp or bitter of speech; severely critical; cutting; biting: »

They were oblivious of the scornful comments of their sharp-tongued neighbors (New Yorker).

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adj. (of a person) given to using cutting, harsh, or critical language

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/ˈʃɑɚpˈtʌŋgd/ adj [more \sharp-tongued; most \sharp-tongued]
: tending to say very critical things to people : having a sharp tongue

a comedy about a mild man and his sharp-tongued wife

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